Using Complementary Therapies as Spiritual Interventions

              In my work as a hospice chaplain, I have the opportunity to work with other clinicians to develop a plan of care that is consistent with patients and families’ goals of care. I often am able to develop … Continue reading

A Case for the Preacher-Nurse: Integrated Spiritual Care in Hospice Settings, and How This May Benefit Other Health Care Settings

Originally printed by Healthcare Chaplaincy’s PlainViews Vol.10 No.5 by Rev. Alice Tremaine, MDiv, BCC Before accepting a position as a hospice chaplain in 2008, I served as a chaplain intern and completed a year-long residency as a student chaplain in … Continue reading

Favorite The role of spirituality in health, from some of today’s leading voices in the field

by Rev. Alice Tremaine, MDiv, BCC  I asked some of today’s leading voices in the field of spirituality and health, “What is the meaning of spirituality when coping with an illness?” Here, they generously share their wisdom with us about … Continue reading

Hospice care is not about “giving up hope”

                                        by Rev. Alice Tremaine, MDiv, BCC When I tell folks I am a hospice chaplain, I often get puzzled looks. Most people do not understand what hospice is about. Just as often, I am told “That must be hard,” … Continue reading

A Blessing of Hands

                                                                                                                            by Rev. Alice Tremaine, MDiv, BCC I wrote this blessing primarily for healthcare professionals; however, it can be used for caregivers as well. Adjust the words to fit your circumstances and prayer. What you do is sacred work! God, … Continue reading

Favorite How to enjoy life while coping with an illness

by Rev. Alice Tremaine, MDiv, BCC When my father was diagnosed with ALS (aka Lou Gehrig’s Disease) in 2009, I was overwhelmed with grief for what he had already lost and for losses we anticipated for him and for our … Continue reading

My story, by Rev. Michael Wenham

One night I asked my wife to pray for me, as I was drained, and God answered! That night, September 30, 1994, opened my eyes to the tangible reality of encounter with God. Whereas I had been able to assert … Continue reading

The meaning of spirituality by Eva Grayzel

Eva Grayzel was diagnosed with advanced stage oral cancer at age 33 in 1998. She was given a 15% chance of survival. Despite these terrible odds, Mrs. Grayzel not only survived but has also regained her ability to speak clearly.  … Continue reading

The Shame of Recurring Cancer

by Rev. Mary Campbell Wright, MDiv, BCC reprinted, with permission, from APC e-News February 2013 I wake up in the night still searching for a word; What word describes how I feel? It isn’t so much sadness or madness as … Continue reading

Organ Transplant Ceremony

by Rev. Alice Tremaine, MDiv BCC The purpose of an organ transplant ceremony is to mark this important event in a patient family’s life, to help the patient/family articulate gratitude for the new organ and remembrance of the organ donor, and … Continue reading