Prayer for surgery

surgery-prayer                                        by Rev. Alice Tremaine, MDiv, BCC

Any kind of surgical procedure can lead to apprehension. Pray this prayer for yourself or a loved one, adding specific information as you see fit (such as the specific part of the body being treated). Try naming the specific outcome you are hoping for, while also surrendering the outcome to God. Surrender is a difficult thing to do; but if we’re honest, we’re not in control of the outcome anyway — no matter how fervent our prayers. So, surrender, and trust that God will be with you no matter what.

If the surgery is being performed at a hospital, chances are there is a chaplain on staff. Consider calling the chaplain to pray for you or your family before or during the surgery.

Gracious God,

We lift up “Loved One” to You.
Remove any anxiety or fear from Loved one’s” mind and heart, and let her rest in the knowledge that You are with her.

Prepare the surgical room to be a place of peace.
Touch and bless the surgeon and the surgical staff. May their minds be alert, and their hands skillful.
Lead them as they attend to routine or unfamiliar tasks.

Hold “Loved one” in Your hands through the entire procedure.
May the events of this day contribute to her healing.
And may the best be done according to Your wisdom and love.

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